Boise's Budget Inn has been located on Fairview just East of 27th seemingly forever. See what it was like back in its "Motel Bryson" days back in the 60's. So cool!

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I love walking through town and looking at old buildings and wondering how long they've been around, what major societal events have taken place since they've existed and what they must have looked like back when they were new. If you've got a building that was constructed back in the 1960's we're looking at around 60 years and it that amount of time, a lot can happen; sales, fires, renovations, the works. Let's talk about Boise's Budget Inn, which back in the day was actually "Motel Bryson" right on the corner of Fairview and 27th street in Boise. Take a look at the then vs. now photo below!

You can see that at some point, they added a car port for added comfort when guests arrive but a lot of that beautiful brick is still intact. You can tell the hotel has been renovated probably multiple times over the years but if you look at some of the photos provided by Trip Advisor, you can see that a lot of that really cool, mid-century sixties charm still shines through! This hotel has had different names, seen many different presidents, hot summers and snowmageddon winters. People have made love, likely broken up, came to town for job interviews, escaped for staycations, and many more reasons. That's the fun part about hotels; everyone has a story, and everyone has a reason for staying there.

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