Sometimes a headline is too good to be true. And sometimes it is so good it must be true.

This one is the latter. According to Borat himself, Sacha Baron Cohen, his film was inadvertently responsible for the destruction of one of the most beautiful love stories of our time, that of the torrid romance between Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock. He told The Daily Beast that Mr. Rock was so furious about Anderson’s role in the film — she played herself, and was “kidnapped” by Borat at a book signing — that he decided to divorce her. As he tells it...

Baron Cohen said that he texted Anderson after that screening and asked, ‘How did it go? What did he think?’ She texted back that they were getting divorced. When he asked her why, she replied, ‘The movie.’ ‘And I thought it was a joke but then a few weeks later they got divorced and they put as a reason for divorce, Borat.’

Here is the scene in question, which Anderson was in on beforehand, and apparently resulted in a pretty serious jaw injury for Anderson:

Am I the only one who watches this scene and feels a deep longing for the days of the Virgin Megastore? I can’t be.

I feel bad for Pamela Anderson, but if a guy can’t appreciate a true comedic genius like Borat, he’s probably not great husband material anyway. She deserves better! Maybe a nice guy like Erran Morad, that nice Israeli self-defense expert I’ve seen on that Showtime documentary series about the state of America.

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