There's an adage be careful what you wish for; you may get it. Auburn University's Head Football Coach is already facing criticism. Harsin is the subject of a blistering column from AL.Com's Joseph Goodman. He calls the former Boise State Football Coach a failure to promote a 'get the vaccine program' like in-state rival Alabama's Nick Saban.  

Harsin is away from his team because he caught Covid. Mr. Goodman writes that Harsin should be out in front promoting that his players get the vaccine. The writer says that if you've paid millions of dollars to win, then there is no excuse for not revealing if he is vaccinated or not.  

"This is how an "Auburn Man" takes care of the family? Nah. Harsin's mismanagement of Auburn football is infuriating, but his stubborn neglect for the safety of people he is paid to shepherd into adulthood is unacceptable."

Harsin was criticized recently for throwing baseball hats to the press. They've dubbed it hatgate.  The coach thought it would be a good idea to throw members of the press hats while they were watching practice. This act led members of the media to attack the coach for his gesture. You can read about the reaction here.  The press took to print and social media, reminding the coach that Auburn is not a fan.  

Oregon Mask Mandate

Does Coach Harsin have right to privacy?  Not in the SEC, where most coaches have disclosed their vaccination status.  If he has been vaccinated, it would be a good idea for him to disclose that to the media.  Harsin never faced this type of scrutiny at Boise State. Unlike our world here, there is no benefit of the doubt in the SEC. Coach Harsin had better win early and often if he is to keep his multi million-dollar salary.  

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