Call it the cancel culture.  Call it crazy times. Sometimes the times that we live in are simply indescribable.  The latest incident involves Boise State and Big City Coffee.  According to the Arbiter, students complained about Big City Coffee's support of police officers.     The issue is the owner displayed the 'thin blue line' flag, which according to published reports, angered students supporting Black Lives Matter.

So much for the first amendment at Boise State University.  The students told their government leaders that a social media post from the business owner.  By the way, she's married to a police officer who was shot in the line of duty.  You can read about his inspirational story here.

It's too bad that we'll never now if Big City Coffee would've made it at Boise State.  The local choice over a national brand was heralded at the time as a great community move by Boise State.  I have to wonder what type of students are studying at Boise State who don't like the police?  I believe the state's values support law enforcement.  It would be nice if one of the local university's would reflect our values.

Most of us who love America, believe that we should have the freedom to express our values without fear of persecution.  Too bad the students, administrators did not reach out to the students and the Big City folks to have a conversation.  Everyone's a tough guy on social media.  However, have a face to face interaction could've helped both sides come to a different resolution.

Big City Coffee would like to earn your business.  It's too bad some students and faculty at Boise State University failed to realize that lesson.


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