Our bodies are incredibly adept at storing fat. But wouldn't you like to burn fat rather than store it? It is a fuel source, after all.

The key to burning fat is our insulin. If we eat in a way to keep our insulin low, we can mostly burn fat as a fuel.

Foods that do not produce a dramatic insulin reaction are considered low glycemic. Generally, protein dense foods like meat and eggs are low or even zero on the glycemic index. But starchy white rice is extremely high because it immediately calls for insulin. When it comes to vegetables choose the dark and leafy green items if you're eating low glycemic. Generally, the closer to yellow or red, the more sugar they'll have like carrots, corn and beets. Low glycemic fruits include citrus and blackberries or raspberries because they are high in fiber. Fiber usually lowers the glycemic index, or blood sugar response, of a food. When it comes to bread, pasta and grain, the less processed the better because you'll get more fiber to lower the GI. Stone milling is best.

One final tip: to lower the glycemic index of a food, serve it with a protein. For instance have your apple with an ounce of cheese, or have a tablespoon of peanut butter with that handful of pretzels. Your blood sugar level won't spike so your body is more likely to burn fat rather than store it.

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