This is personal and something I usually prefer to discuss on the air.  What's that you may ask?  It's my challenge to lose weight over the years.  Today we start a new chapter and I'd like you to join me if you're interested.  Believe it or not, over thirty years ago, I competed as a bodybuilder.  It was the highlight of my life physically.  Since then, I've gained and lost weight over the years.  You've seen me and heard me discuss these issues many times.  Here's what I looked like in 1986.

Kevin Miller / KIDO Talk Radio

Yep, that's really me.  One day, I hope to get back on stage, but today I'm working to get healthy and lose weight.  I've joined the FitOne Weightloss Challenge.  A year long campaign designed to encourage all of us to lose weight and get healthy.  We'll be working with our friends at St. Luke's to help spread the word on exercise, nutrition, and whatever else we can do to make a difference.

We'll invite you to monthly meetings at no charge to educate yourself on all the ways to live a healthy lifestyle.  I'm starting by weighing in monthly and sharing those results with you.

If you'd like to join the FitOne Weightloss Challenge at a reduced cost by joining our team, here's how to do it.  You'll save $15.00 off the registration fee by using the code TEAMKEVIN in all caps.

Let's get started:

Click on this link FitOne.

Click register, type in promo code TEAMKEVIN, in all caps and then click on the challenge.

Please feel free to email me or call me to share your stories of success and challenges.

Let's do this together!

(Yep, that's how much I weighed in at on Saturday.)


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