Dunk Mayor Wagoner or Caldwell Police Chief Rex Ingram! There's an exciting fundraiser event set to happen in the city of Caldwell on November 17th at the Caldwell Luxe Reel Theatre — the Polar Bear Plunge Dunk Tank event — aimed at raising funds for the Idaho Women Veterans Memorial and the Idaho Veterans Garden.

The wave of generosity starts on November 13th when Mayor Wagoner will be presenting the Idaho Veterans Garden with a check for $20,000.00 — thanks to the support of sponsors, local businesses, and the funds raised during Caldwell's 4th of July celebrations. Here's a story we recently covered about that.

The tribute is largely in honor of Carrie French of the Idaho 116th Brigade Combat Team. She left an indelible mark on our hearts, sacrificing her all during a supply mission convoy in Iraq on June 5th, 2005.

Fast forward to the Splash Bash on November 17th, starting at 5pm! The Polar Bear Plunge Dunk Tank will be there from 5-6pm, and locals will have their chance to dunk Mayor Wagoner or Caldwell Chief of Police Rex Ingram. Though, it's not just about dunking city officials; but rather, it's a dunk-for-a-cause fundraiser! All proceeds will go to the Idaho Women Veterans Memorial.

Join the dunking fun and let's raise money and have a ton of fun. It's a good chance to get out with your friends and family, support veterans and a good cause, and get involved with the community.

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