At least a thousand citizens of Caldwell had the opportunity to express their displeasure with a proposed school policy that sought to institute a woke agenda. The agenda known as 3281 would force teachers to accept students who would determine their gender. (If a boy identifies as a girl, he could use the girl's bathroom.)

The issue has been a contention in Caldwell since the proposed policy was introduced last month, as reported by the Idaho Statesman. Residents have called talk radio stations and taken to social media denouncing the policy. Monday's meeting was their first chance to express their displeasure with the proposal.  

A few examples from 3281: 

"Sexual orientation" shall mean an individual's physical or emotional attraction to the same and/or the opposite gender. "Gay," "lesbian," "bisexual" and "straight" are all examples of sexual orientations. A person's sexual orientation is distinct from a person's gender identity and expression.

"Gender identity" shall refer to a person's deeply felt internal sense of their own gender.

"Gender expression" shall refer to how a person expresses their gender to others, often through behavior, clothing, hairstyles, activities, voice, or mannerisms.

"Transgender", an adjective, shall refer to a person whose gender identity or expression is different from that traditionally associated with the person's sex assigned at birth.

Check Out These Shocking Photos From The Caldwell School Board Meeting

The Caldwell School Board shuts down the meeting.

Various social media feeds revealed that hundreds of folks attended Monday night's meeting. State Senator Chris Trakel tried to address the board but was cut off, and the session ended. 

Senator Trakel shared his thought on what happened on his Facebook page.

"Went to school board meeting. School board is chaired by die hard US hating Democrat. School board wants to jeopardize my child and hundreds of others mental and physical well being and allow bathrooms to opposite sex. As father protecting children I speak to board very sternly. Video taken by convicted thief who stole Idaho taxpayer money.

Says she will expose the real me. I say "Next time let me know your filming so I can really show my anger and what I will do to protect our children from disgusting immoral people who want to harm any child."

Show these people no mercy. They want to harm our children both mentally and physically. Too long have we been polite as the left as thrown their tantrums to sexualize and abuse our children. Your child cannot fight for themselves and NEED YOU to be the hero they know you are."

Jason who attended the meeting told us,  "I got there forty minutes before the meeting, and there was a line outside the door; by the time the meeting started, the line wrapped passed around the building; I believe there were over a thousand people there." 

He continued, "it was amazing. I saw people of all types of religions at the meeting who were there for the same reason. The way the school board handled it was insane; you can only seat 92 people, they did not have adequate anything, they didn't have police there until the meeting started."

Jason said he witnessed school officials attempting to deny a cameraman access to the meeting. He told us that the press official gained access ten minutes into the session and had to seek help from the Caldwell Police to get into the school board meeting. 

Becky, another Caldwell resident shared the perspective of Caldwell educators, "the district's teachers are afraid they will lose their jobs if they call Johnny the wrong name. If this passes in Caldwell, it will leak into Vallivue, Nampa, and everywhere." 

The the next meeting is in two weeks at the Caldwell High School Gymnasium. 

Watch the entire meeting uncensored here.

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