It's not that everyone who visits or moves to Idaho is a bad person. However, it does seem that there's a greater probability of bad drivers from California who infect our roads.

I noticed this today on my day off while plotting a photoshoot. I was leaving the Ridley's in Star, Idaho when something non-Idahoan happened to me. Whether you're a native or just got here, one of the first things you notice about Idaho drivers is that we're excessively polite. Perhaps, some would say annoyingly so when it comes to letting folks in a driving lane.

To my surprise, the couple in their loaded down silver Toyota Sienna gave me no quarter. They just blocked me in with no facial contact. I said to myself, 'that's odd until I saw that they were flying their California plates complete with canoes and just about every camping attachment. Perhaps they were visiting? I doubt it.

The Lane Bully

Once leaving the Bi-Mart, we have many high-end grocery stores in Star; I noticed an older blue Ford van that was aggressively bullying his way onto old State Street. I suppose he was too busy to understand how things work here. The lane bully got his way and didn't allow me the time to make a turn. We wish him well in his endeavors.

Timmy Tailgate

Tailgating has gotten worse in the last few years. Although I'd like to say the Californians are to blame, that statement would be dishonest. Tailgating continues to be a problem even when I'm driving in at four in the morning.

California Cut off

Whether drivers learned on the 405, there's nothing more frustrating or dangerous than being cut off on the connector or a backroad. I've observed that most of these folks are from California. How do I know where from California? They drive with plates from that state, not the state they currently live in.

The Optional Turn Signal

Turn signals are not optional in Idaho or any other state. However, we continue to see these actions throughout the Gem State. It's a shame that these aggressive driving habits endanger our transportation safety. Let's hope that the more time the Californians stay in Idaho, our kindness will grow on them.

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