Crime isn't something that we talk much about in the Treasure Valley. That's because our crime rate doesn't compare to those of Portland, Seattle, Las Vegas, or anywhere in California. Crime still happens, though, and oftentimes the various police departments in the area ask our help to identify suspects that they can't recognize. This allows you to channel your inner Sherlock Holmes. If you love true crime or binge-watch 20/20, Dateline, or even shows like See No Evil, make sure to look at these photos. You could be part of the story of justice being done for our community.

First, in Nampa, three people walked into First Interstate Bank's ATM and stole the money inside. If you can recognize the people in the photos captured by the ATM machine, please contact Crime Stoppers or the Nampa Police at (208) 465-2257.

In Meridian, a man broke into a vehicle parked at a business near the Village at Meridian. He stole two firearms from the car and has yet to be found. The security cam footage is pretty clean, so, surprisingly, no one has come forward with information. If you know who this is, contact Crime Stoppers or the Meridian Police (208) 888-6678.

Courtesy: Meridian Police Department
Courtesy: Meridian Police Department


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