It's hard to believe that any person or business rarely leaves our thriving area, the Treasure Valley. The last time we lost a sports team was when the Idaho Stampede moved to Salt Lake City due to an ownership change. The Canyon County Spuds announced they're leaving Caldwell for Casper, Wyoming. The team announced this on their Facebook page. The team is now identifying as the Casper Spuds on Facebook.

Spuds owner Jeff Dobish said... " This is heartbreaking, to have to leave our home in Caldwell, our fans, our employees...but it just did not make financial sense to be 14 hours away from our closest team in Spearfish, South Dakota".
"The iLB lost teams in Gering and North Platte in the past few the league is condensing its footprint, and with the cost of buses, fuel, hotels, insurance going through the roof...the Spuds were left with no choice but to relocate closer to the other teams in the league.
"Casper is a fantastic city, rich in baseball history, and it will be the right place to carry the legacy of TATERTOWN! We will have local ownership, local management and promise to deliver affordable family fun to Casper"...boasts Dobish!
The Spuds were a smash hit for Canyon County residents. The team played 64 games with collegiate players from across the country. The team embraced the potato due to Idaho's nickname, the potato state. They called their ballpark potato nation.
Unlike other minor leagues, the Spuds used wooden bats. The players stayed with host families who made them a part of our community. Host families were a crucial part of maintaining the league Host families are a very integral part of the league, and these host-family relationships provide a lifetime of memories for both the host families and the players.

Casper and potatoes do not make sense, however we wish them luck!

Spuds Fan React To Moving Out of Caldwell

Here are a few fans reacting from Facebook:


I'm so sad I was getting ready to buy my season tickets. This is devastating to our community. Me and my grandma came to so many games and she was looking forward to coming to so many more this summer. Heartbreaking!


This is a huge loss for Idaho and Caldwell. The kids and families will be devastated with the loss of our favorite team and a nice affordable family activity for the summer.


As much as this sucks, I get it. I don’t like it, but I get it.
Y’all will be missed. More than you know! You have created memories that will last forever. My kids will still proudly rock the spuds gear.

Sad for the fans of Caldwell, but wish you all the best of luck in Casper! We have truly enjoyed the Spuds experience these past two summers! An amazing group of host families and a community that loved the boys like their own. Thanks for everything Spuds! Good luck in Casper! And a big Yahoo for shorter bus rides!

What a loss for the area…we enjoyed going to watch the Spuds more than driving to Boise to watch the Hawks play…I understand the business end of it but this really sucks…
A look back at the Spuds in Caldwell.

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