Roads are wet and snow-filled this morning. Some folks will do their best to respect others, show caution, and take extra time to get to work. However, other folks will falsely believe that their vast trucks or smaller cars will drive just as they do when the pavement is not snow-covered. Most of us cannot take the day off, so please take your time on your way to work this morning.

Another snowfall on a Monday morning in Idaho, and some local school districts have decided to cancel school due to the dangerous road conditions. Schools look at snowfall, road conditions, and other factors to determine whether or not schools should be open or closed. Schools also factor in how the school buses will run on the snowy roads as another factor of opening or closing.

Here's a list of schools that are closed in our area:

West Ada School District

Kuna School District

ValliVue School District

Blaine School District

Nampa School District

10 Am Start for Mountain Home  


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