We're all familiar with the old saying hugs, not drugs. Idaho is one of the most welcoming states in the country. We're too welcoming. Our roads are overflowing, and we can't build enough homes for people to move into fast enough. KTVB reports that we have another well-intentioned Idahoan reminding us to be friendly. Will a sticker make you act differently?

If society needs a sticker to change behavior, we've got more significant issues than President Joe Biden has with going up a flight of stairs.

Remember Be Boise Kind?

Boise Kind was a program that was launched in the last days of former Boise Mayor Dave Bieter's Administration. The city paid 80,000 to a public relations firm to implement the idea. That's a lot of money to promote goodwill? As we explained at the time, the program was a big waste of time, not to mention the money spent on that ridiculous project. Americans do not want the government dictating behavior.

Meridian Do Right?

Several years ago, Meridian launched Do The Right. What is, Do The Right? Once again, a government entity is taking the place of our Daddy by telling us how to behave. Do we need someone encouraging Idahoans to do the right thing? Most folks would say that Idahoans are too accommodating. Here's a list of the 100 'right moves' courtesy of the City of Meridian. I wonder how much of our tax money was used for that campaign? Meridian goes one step further by actually breaking down the 'do right behavior' by groups.

There are tips on how to 'do right' to strangers, nonprofits, co-workers, neighbors, teachers, friends, and loved ones.

And now, Idahug?

Idahug is a program that has been launched by local realtor Jeff Wills and Do Work Realty. He shared his thoughts on YOUTUBE on the reason he starting Idahug. Mr.Wills wants to make sure that the valley stays incredible and run counter to the #werefull. I'd say he hit a home run considering KTVB picked up the story.

Of course, a realtor is going to want folks to continue to move to Idaho. Our housing market is insane. Consider in the last few years; we've gone from empty unfinished neighborhoods to farmlands replaced by endless subdivisions. Idaho politicians continue to ignore the housing crisis in the Gem State.

Will a sticker move the needle?

The real estate company says they will give the stickers to cars with out-of-state plates that we welcome them here. That's one of our significant problems. We have too many people here who disrespect our state by not getting Idaho plates, especially the folks from California. How about turning them into the police instead of reinforcing an insulting behavior? A reminder you have 90 days to register your vehicle once you move to the Gem State. Here's a helpful link to the state's website here.

America was founded on individualism, not group mandated codes of behavior.  It's okay, I believe in you Idaho.  You don't need anyone or group to tell you to be kind, do right or give someone a hug.

We welcome your feedback on the air and would welcome Mr. Wills to join us one morning on the Kevin Miller Show on KIDO Talk Radio weekday mornings 5am-10am.  Phone calls are welcome at 208-580-5435, 580-KIDO.

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