It's healthier for you to go to the Huckleberry Jam at Tamarack Resort than it is for you to stay home. Plan to get away in a couple of weeks and head to the mountains.

If you super-love camping outdoors, there's a whole area created for you. You'll stay with other Huckleberry Jammers so you can head to the shows together, roast marshmallows at night and have a dance party under the stars. Whatever you wish.

If you aren't a camper (I get it), you can stay in a hotel or rent a cabin either through Tamarack or Air BnB. It's so simple and you can pretend like you're roughing it. I I'm sipping coffee in the morning out on the back deck in my hoodie surrounded by tall trees while my friends slowly made their way out there with me. It was pretty awesome.


Photo: Tawsha Box
Photo: Tawsha Box


Getting away for a weekend is really good for you. No matter how hard we try, I feel like we never slow down. We're checking our phones, we're racing around trying to get things accomplished, we notice things that we haven't yet completed and add it to a to-do list, we commit to little parties we don't really want to go to and rush through our weekends only to end up at Monday.

For one weekend, let's make a change.

I named the obvious that most of us can agree on but now doctors are saying that traveling out of town for, say, The Huckleberry Jam is better for your health.

  • Lowers your risk of a heart attack and heart disease. After a 20 year study was complete, the results found that women who vacationed less frequently had significantly higher risks for heart attack or coronary death. Annual vacations reduced their risk. I'M SORRY, WHAT?!?!?
  • Healthier mind and lower risk of Dementia. Travel helps your brain.

Traveling to the mountains for Huckleberry Jam has the potential to change your perspective.

  • Inspiration. Anything outside of the norm is bound to spark some new ideas. There will be unexpected moments and an opportunity to shift your thinking.
  • New Friends. People come from all over the place and hang in the same place for three days. When you're around people who are away from their normal schedule, you have an opportunity to talk face-to-face.
  • Change of Perspective. We get in a rut when we are doing what we should do every day. Once we break free of routine and go to a different place that forces us to act differently (relax), our brain starts to lead us toward what we love and ideas start coming like crazy.

Maybe you leave Huckleberry Jam and you have a whole new lease on life. You don't know if you don't go, right?

Now that you know you're going, you'll have to pack. Don't worry, we've got you covered on that, too.

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