Few personalities are as polarizing as KTVB's Brian Holmes. You are either a big fan or a huge critic of his work. Mr. Holmes is the host of the opinion-based show called The 208. The show is a mixture of news and commentary that draws a significant audience.

Oddly, Mr. Holmes gives his opinion at 5 pm, and then the audience is expected to believe he's objective when he reads the news at 10 pm. Mr. Holmes doesn't have a problem giving his opinion on social media. Here are a few examples of the host/reporter sharing his objective views.


Our recent story concerning Mr. Holmes provoked quite a reaction that we thought we would share with you. Marv: The 208 is by far the best local show.

Tom: Just another progressive propagandist. NOT an objective journalist.Quit watching KTVB news because of him.

Jesse: Holmes is a very condescending person who pushes his own opinion as fact. I don't know enough details for this situation but I typically don't favor what Brian Holmes has to say. Is it too much to ask that local news is unbiased? There are many journalists who do a good job in our state, even if they are politically Left, but Holmes is not one of them.

Kelli: Love the 208!

Terry: I never watch the local news but have seen that guy on air a couple times.......I think he's related to Rachel Maddow.

Tony: KTVB and Brian Holmes can kiss the crease. I'm not for boycotts, but I'll be definitely contacting advertisers on that station and letting them know where their advertising dollars are going.

Jack: Brian Holmes is a bottom dweller. The dude setup his camera right in front of me one time at the airport when AF1 was coming in and he was late for the arrival and acted more entitled than a millennial with a participation trophy. Good thing I'm a foot taller than that shrimp......he doesn't care about anyone but himself and his job. His reporting is biased and his character off camera is about as good as the cow poop in the field. What do you expect from 7? They keep breeding the cow pies one at a time.....

Since we're always looking for your opinion, we thought we would ask you what you think of Mr. Holmes. Please vote in our survey below.

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