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The job of any media personality is to get your attention. A great editorial writer can make you cringe at an article they may write. A talented talk show host will provoke such a reaction that total strangers will call into their shows, saying things they'd never say to their friends and family.

Channel 7 is Idaho's most successful and dominant television station, so what they report on and what they don't report on matters. The station recently questioned a report from the Caldwell Police Department involving an officer who said he was exposed to Fentanyl which almost killed him. Thankfully the officer survived and is back in action.

"Today, our officer cheated death and had the wherewithal to take immediate action when he stopped his car, requested help and administered Narcan to himself. I would also like to mention that not only did he save his own life, but he saved the suspect's life too by stopping the car when beginning to lose consciousness after overdosing. I am proud of him for his actions and his split second decision making during this life and death situation which saved lives. This drug is literally killing Americans every day and we need to have a call to action. Enough is enough and we need to hold dealers accountable!" said Rex Ingram, Caldwell Chief of Police.

Chief Ingram's comments drew the attention of Channel 7, who then interviewed a medical expert who questioned the officer's first-hand experience with Fentanyl.

We'd recommend that Mr. Holmes and the other crime fighters watch this report from 60 Minutes on the dangers of Fentanyl before passing judgement on a local public servant.

One has to wonder what would motivate the television station to challenge a police officer who almost died. Does their medical expert fight crime on the street and handle criminal Fentanyl? There is no win to question the chief, the officer's experience unless Mr. Holmes and his colleagues at Channel 7 want to join the Caldwell Police in removing this dangerous drug from the streets of Caldwell.

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