I hate to tell you I told you so, but I TOLD YOU SO.  A published report in today's Idaho Statesman reports that they're will be an attempt to raise the gas tax in Idaho.  I'm amazed that the roads have fallen apart in one year.  If the roads are so bad, why didn't the folks in Boise ask for a tax increase last year?  Oh that's right, last year was an election year and no one wants to be a tax and spender when they're running for reelection.

The lobbyist quoted in the article are very confident that a tax increase will pass.  It's the same gaggle of the usual suspects that brought Obama Care to Idaho.  How's that working out for you?  What's with the republican party?

They claim to be low taxes and pro business and yet both want to raise the tax on fuel.  Last week a group of GOP Senators pitched the idea of raising the federal tax per gallon.  "Hey fuel prices are low, let's stick it to the consumer.'

Most politicians brag about how 'Red' the Gem State is politically.  We shall soon find out if they live up to their reputations.  Or will they join their Washington counterparts by reaching for your wallet.

I'd like your opinion.


Do You Support A Gas Tax To Fix Roads?
David McNew, Getty Images