How would you like to be a lifelong Democrat?  A primary that was suppose to be a coronation has become a catastrophe.  Never mind the latest issues involving Hillary, Comey, and Trump.  We're looking at the very integrity of the DNC.    The DNC took a hit during their convention when it was revealed that leadership favored Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders.  It cost Debbie Wasserman Shultz her chairmanship.  It now appears her successor; Donna Brazile was continuing to aid the Clinton Campaign.

You remember the great firestorm between Megan Kelly and Donna Brazile over whether she gave debate questions to the Clinton Camp?  If not, check out the exchange here.

Now we know the answers that Donna refused give up.  The Daily Caller reports that new emails from Wikileaks indicate that Brazile received the questions from Roland Martin who was co-hosting the CNN Town hall Debate.  She would describe the person who would ask Clinton and give the campaign background on the questioner.

This report raises several ethical questions about the DNC and CNN.  Are they both confident that a paid commentator/operative tipped off one of the campaigns?  Who's left to run the DNC if Brazile did the right thing and resigned?

CNN and ABC, that have Donna on frequently, should do the right thing and give her the boot.  Is there anyone left who will hold the left accountable?  Imagine the outrage if Chris Wallace gave Donald Trump a preview of his questions?

Perhaps Jimmy Carter would come back if called upon to run the DNC.  Why Carter?  He's routinely called up to supervise elections around.  Let's hope he can teach his fellow Democrats a lesson on how to follow the rules.

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