Would Phil Robertson have gotten the boot if he were a liberal? How many times have we watched an offensive show on TV that attack our family values and we're told to get a sense of humor?  There's no humor in what is happening to a good man like Phil Robertson,  who is a self admitted sinner and born again Christian.  Phil and his clan have been blessed with being the stars of the biggest TV show on cable Duck Dynasty.  Which routinely beats network television shows on a weekly basis.  Their company Monroe Louisiana based Duck Commander has grown to a worldwide brand thanks to the appeal of the conservative Christian Robertson clan.

I won't share with you what Phil said to the GQ writer.  That's not the point of this opinion piece.  I believe they're two points of interest at work here and both illustrate the open season on social conservatives in the Cultural War.

Point one is there is an unacceptable double standard in the press/society when it comes to what liberals say as to what conservatives say.  How many times have we heard things in media, both broadcast and print, that would've earned all of us a trip to our mouth being washed out with soap table back in the day.  (Author's note based on first hand experience, the soap really does dry out your mouth).  We can complain about it or realize  that we're living in a different reality.  To quote law enforcement, 'anything you say, can and will be used against you.'  It's not right and we do need to change the hearts and minds, but it is the world we live in.

Point two is the big set up.  ( I wish I have better titles for these points.)  The media loves to build folks up and then wait for them to tear themselves down.  Reporters are not our friends.  Their job is to find a story or create one by quoting or misquoting what someone says.  This is what happened to Phil.  You spend hours with these guys and there's a level of trust that is established and the next thing you know you're making headlines.  Part two of point two is the tear down, which is when every progressive outlet judges you by something you took two seconds to say.  The pile on starts and before you know it, you're being compared to John Gotti.

The mistake that Phil made was being honest and open about his beliefs.  The left does not want that and will punish anyone who disagrees with them.  The first amendment protects speech but that does not apply to commercial television.  When an influential group threatens a show the management rarely stands by their man or woman.  No one wants to lose the big sponsor dollars.  I don't agree with it, but it's how the big money media companies are run.

Could you imagine the boost A&E would have gotten if they issued a tepid statement of support?  Or declined to suspend/fire Phil?  I could see their ratings doubling.  Instead they took the politically correct route by sending Phil into TV exile.  Now it's time for the family to step up.

The Robertson clan prides itself and tells us during every episode how close a unit they are.   Now it's time for them to prove it.  They

getty images
getty images

should refuse to participate in any new production until Phil is reinstated.  If Phil is suspended for six months.  They should take six months off as well.  Who would want to work for a company that has embarrassed their father?  If the Robertson family values their father then the show won't go on without him.

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