It's been an absolutely gorgeous Fall so far but we all know that YES, it'll end at some point and that point may be this weekend for all of us here in the Treasure Valley.  Just a few days ago we were getting sunshine with temperatures in the mid 70's.  A cooling trend has hit us which puts our kids in jackets and blankets for Halloween night and by this weekend, we may see snow hitting the downtown Boise floors.

Through the week it's looking pretty much the same with some sunshine, a few clouds, and highs in the 50's and low 60's.  We should even be fine for the BSU game Saturday night against Brigham Young University but that's when things go south.  Temperatures are dropping into the low 50's and lots of moisture coming our way.  Now the low 50's doesn't sound bad and definitely too warm for snow but remember, that's the high.  There will be times when those temperatures are down in the 30's and that's when the white stuff could hit.

Sunday weather in Boise according to is cloudy, cold and a 60% chance of moisture.  This means bundle up people.  Winter is just around the corner and Sunday will give us a small taste of what we'll experience.

The cooler temperatures will continue next week but no rain or snow in the forecast or at least, a very small chance if any.  Highs will drop into the 40's on some days next week and it's pretty much same ole same ole with partly cloudy skies and a ray of sunshine here and there.

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