Coronavirus has successfully changed life as we know it, even as we get back to "normal"-- six months ago none of us would have been wearing masks like we are now, or washing our hands so frequently. All of this surrounding COVID-19 has really changed our outlook on "normal" and our own health.

Gyms all across the Treasure Valley have re-opened by now and I for one have been super excited to get back into a workout routine-- doing so without a facility was just really difficult for me. Among those gyms that have re-opened is the Downtown Boise YMCA.

An email sent to members on Wednesday, June 10th, pointed out that a confirmed case of COVID-19 was present in the Downtown Boise YMCA for "a short time" on June 8th, 2020 and had "limited exposure to staff, members, and program participants".

Stemming from all of this, the downtown YMCA will be closed until the entire facility is thoroughly cleaned and the Central District Health confirms that contact tracing has been completed.

We have obtained the email sent to members that you can see below:



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