Back in the not so distant past, it used to be completely normal to travel for jobs.

Entire families would upheave their lives and move to a new city or state to chase careers.

It was common knowledge that to survive within corporate America, workers oftentimes were required to live in expensive metropolitan areas, where there were simply more jobs and opportunities available. 


However, the pandemic revolutionized the way we view work, and it has caused a significant shift in energy.

When it came down to it, in order to survive, many companies had to find new and creative ways to continue their day-to-day operations, and the result was allowing employees to work remotely. 


This was brand new territory. 

All of a sudden, an accessibility issue that we were led to believe was insurmountable was solved overnight. 

For years, people have been denied jobs because of their inability to relocate, commit to long commutes, or whatever the reason may be. But now, we have realized that working remotely is not only completely possible, but it is extremely desirable for a number of reasons. 

It has brought about a whole new world of possibilities, and it leaves employees with the realization that they don’t want to go into an office and they don’t have to in order to continue their daily responsibilities. 


We have seen the light and possibilities available to us, and we’re not forgetting too easily. 

People everywhere are demanding a change and they are ready to break up with corporate America, if these businesses do not refuse to adapt. 

We have an “it’s not us, it’s you” mentality, and we think every Idaho company can significantly improve their workplace by offering the option of remote work where possible. 


So, listed below are some of the benefits that many have experienced from working remotely, and why we think it can majorly improve the lives, mental health and productivity of Idaho employees.

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