Recently I made a post as the angry dog mom about keeping your dogs on a leash at all times. Now I'm back for another rant: Please do not bring your female dog to the dark park while she is in heat.

As anyone else might imagine, this just sounds like a bad idea but it happened the other day at Ann Morrison Dog Island. A dog came in who was obviously in heat and drove all the male dogs CRAZY. It's nature though! They can't help it. As for every other male dog owner there, it was a struggle attempting to call off their dogs and get them under control.

I'm surprised this isn't an actual posted rule - maybe it is or maybe it just usually goes without saying. If you have a female that is NOT fixed, that is honestly you're prerogative as a dog owner but please have better judgement than to bring her to a dark par while she is in heat. That is just asking for trouble.

I wouldn't think that someone would actually plan to breed their female with some random dog in the park but I also wouldn't put it past anyone. More importantly and worse, there could be a serious fight between to males over a female in heat. A female dog in heat changes the whole dynamic at a dog park. Some could get seriously hurt.

I love how dog-friendly of a city Boise is. Let's try to keep it as positive as possible for every dog and dog owner in our community.

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