In case you didn't hear, a 4-4 Boise State football team marched in to Fresno State last weekend and blew out the nationally ranked bulldogs like nothing. Fresno State was hosting their first sold-out crowd in YEARS and there, in front of a sea of red, Boise State showed them who the boss was.

In the stands, however, a whole different battle was going on, as Fresno State fans took on fellow Fresno State fans in a classic brawl. Yikes...

Brawl at Fresno State Goes Viral

Fans in Fresno were in a sour mood on Saturday evening. Boise State was in town to take on the Bulldogs and we aren't sure what caused this brawl but the stands were far from calm during all of this!

Now, the brawl wasn't the only thing garnering the attention of the internet. We aren't talking about the scoreboard, either.

One fan gained a lot of attention and Boise State fans everywhere are wanting to know who they are! Can you identify this fan?

Often times, Boise State fans get called "fair weather fans" because it seems like the buzz really dies down when the Broncos aren't undefeated. Fans like those of the Idaho Vandals, who are used to losing, are typically honored for their loyalty.

What a brave soul. Do you recognize this Boise State fan!?

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