Thinking about moving to Idaho?  The Gem State has received a ton of exposure for its high quality of life, limited government, and economic opportunities. However, according to a new study, Idaho is the dumbest state in the union.  (Editor's Note, if you're concerned with too many people moving into Idaho, please share this article with them.)  The criteria looked at the number of college graduates, high school graduates, professional and or advanced degrees.

The study says the smartest state was New Jersey.  Let's face it, who can compete with the quality of life in New Jersey?  I'm sure the folks living in New York wish they could live in Jersey. The mountains, lakes, air pollution, and garbage/recycling centers are world-class.

I'd urge everyone considering a move to Idaho to rethink their move and go to New Jersey instead. Perhaps we could ask the folks who are moving here from Oregon, California, and other states to look at New Jersey.  I believe Hemingway spent the last years of his life on the Jersey Shore. I hear its great this time of year.  (Actually, Ernest Hemingway spent his last years in Idaho.)  You can read all about his attachment to the Sun Valley /Ketchum area here.

So if you're thinking about moving to Idaho, please reconsider the move. High tax states like New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Virginia are waiting for you!

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