Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good. Governor Brad Little appears to have mastered both traits in his quest to retain his executive powers. Despite the overwhelming public support to limit the governor's emergency powers, the Idaho Senate failed to override his veto by one vote, reports the Idaho Press.

The vote, 23-12, including five Republicans who flipped to back the governor and the Democrats. Locally, Senator Fred Martin of Boise and Senator Patty Anne Lodge, who've faced tough primary challenges in the past, can surely expect to be challenged for their vote on this one. The other three Republicans who flipped their votes were Senator Jim Woodward, Senator Jim Patrick, and Senator Jim Guthrie.

How significant was the flip? Originally the vote was a resounding 28-7. You can see the history of SB1136 here. What does this failure to override the veto mean for Idaho? As we noted above, you can expect all five Republicans to be primaried with an unparalleled intensity next year. The next bill that will determine the governor's fate is HB135 which he has yet to veto says the Idaho Press.

If the governor's powers are not 'adjusted,' look for the fallout to impact every elected official in the state. We could see a record amount of candidates who will challenge incumbents throughout the state. There will be a primary within the primary as you'll have candidates associated with the governor and those in favor of a reduced role for Idaho's Chief Executive.

Local activist Tea Party Bob told us this morning that it's a money game when it comes to running for office in Idaho.  "It comes down to the people of Idaho putting their money behind candidates who are Conservative."

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