Either someone likes Boise State Football Coach Bryan Harsin, or someone just did a hit job on him. Recently released published reports indicate that Harsin is not happy with the Moutain West Conference. You can read the details at the link here.

The story centers around internal emails that were showed Harson advocating for Boise State should leave the conference. His correspondence only reflects the obvious: the Mountain West doesn't like Boise State, and the Broncos feel the same way.

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't the Mountain West not want Boise State when the conference had TCU, Utah, and BYU? It was only when the conference was on the verge of imploding that it welcomed Bosie State and others from the Western Athletic Conference. We joke about calling it the Mountain Wac because the new Mountain West was just a version of the WAC.

To Boise State Athletic Director Curt Apsey and President Doctor Marlene Trump, the internal emails state how Boise State's national profile has regressed since joining the Mountain West. The Broncos have not been to a New Year's Eve Bowl since 2014. The coach believes that the Mountain West does not promote its champion like the AAC other Group of 5 schools do.

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Harsin is right about the diminished national profile. The AAC, Sunbelt, and Conference USA are more prominent than the Mountain West. The conference did settle its lawsuit with Boise State. Remember, the new television deal excluded Boise State from getting more money than other teams.

Do you sue your business partner if you're both in good standing? The answer is no. The sad fact is there isn't another option for Boise State outside of the Mountain West. The university is currently airing commercials asking the public to donate money to keep the athletic program going.


Leaving the Mountain West would cost money that the Broncos do not have at this time, which brings us back to the "breaking news" story that was dropped earlier this week. Is Harsin sending a message by leaking the emails? Or is someone inside the Blue tired of Harsin and want him to go?

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