This week a bill that would allow 18 year olds to carry concealed guns in Idaho cities passed the House State affairs committee.  The HB 206 would allow 18-20 year olds to carry their weapons in Idaho cities.  Current Idaho law allows them to conceal carry outside of city limits in the Gem State.  Republican Representative Christy Zito is the sponsor of the bill.  She told us why it's necessary to allow 18-20 years the freedom to conceal carry in Idaho cities.  "What this bill will do will is say that someone between the ages of 18-21, who is carrying a gun open, if they decide to put on their coat, and it covers up their handgun, they will not be in violation of the law."

The Bill had two votes against it from Boise Democrat State Representatives Brooke Green and John Gannon.

Gannon said he had issues with the lack of training in the bill.   “There is no requirement of any training or experience with weapons in the bill and some kind of minimal familiarity with them is something we should expect and require before they carry concealed handguns period.” Gannon explained.

Representative Green shared her concerns regarding the age of the individuals.

“In Idaho, most 18-year-olds are still in high school.” She elaborated. “Kids this age will often hang out with 15 or 16-year-old children. And, it terrifies me to think of a group of kids playing video games, running around the park, or riding bikes while one of the them is holding onto a gun. It’s impossible to guarantee that younger kids will not grab at the gun and potentially cause an accident.”

The full House will now vote on the legislation.  If approved, it will move on to the Senate.

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