The Original Stretchlace Company hooked Shark Robert Herjavec on tonight's episode of ABC's Shark Tank. The deal was worth 100,000 for thirty percent of the company. Jamie Montz and her husband David shared their vision for their company with a national audience. The 20-year e-commerce veteran explained how she left an Amazon business to start her brand.

All the Sharks bailed out on Jamie and David, and then Robert Herjavec made the Boise couple an offer. Herjavec said he wanted to take advantage of Jamie's prior experience as an 'Amazon Queen.' Her husband David had told the Sharks earlier that his wife had a Ph.D. in Amazon.

It looked like a very short night for the bubbly couple from Boise.  After all the Sharks passed and before they were shown the door, Herjavec jumped back into the Tank.  He told Montz that he believed in her.  Fellow Shark Kevin O'Leary told Herjavec that he was 'nuts' for the offer.  The Sharks lived up to their fiery reputation as Mark Cuban chimed in about the deal.

Originally Herjavec wanted thirty-three percent of the company, but agreed to thirty percent to secure the deal.  He said that he believed in Jamie's future potential to grow the company and create new deals through her digital marketing experience.

The Process

Jamie Montz, the owner of the Orginal Stretchlace, shared her experience with us. "Experiencing the adventure that is Shark Tank is the most gratifying event of my career. The entire process changes you and pushes the boundaries of comfort. It was a mind-opening experience both personally and professionally. By far, it's been the most challenging thing I've ever done, but I would do it again in a heartbeat!"

Her appearance began like all of ours, as a dream that would become a reality. She tells us that she applied online, and some folks get called back, and some do not. Nothing is guaranteed on Shark Tank, including appearing on the show. Some entrepreneurs have applied for years before finally getting their chance in the 'tank.' 

Making The Cut

Jamie shares her experience of making the 'Shark Tank' cut. She tells us it was a long process that wasn't easy. "I was a big fan while I was working for other companies. I believe that between 30,000-40,000 apply every year.

The show then whittles it down to 1,000 people who are asked to submit a video pitch. She says she must've gotten lucky because the show liked her video. The application process was far from over for her. The next step including another video presentation, signing a nondisclosure form or NDA, and more paperwork.    

Photo Courtesy of ABC Shark Tank

Covid Impacts Production

This season of Shark Tank took place in a Las Vegas Hotel and Casino. The entire complex was sealed off to the general public to keep the talent, production, and staff safe. Jamie describes what it was like living in the quarantine bubble. "The production staff was extremely diligent. We were in our hotel room for ten days and couldn't leave. Everything was delivered to us. It was a challenging experience waiting to go on while everyone was careful due to Covid. The hair and makeup people were wearing double masks."

Scouting the Sharks

The Original Stretchlace owner did her homework on the sharks. She shares that being on the show is a different experience from watching the show for entertainment. Jamie explains, "I learned so much by looking into the backgrounds of each shark. I have a new appreciation for them. It's different looking at the show when you realize how it's going to impact your business. She did reveal that Kevin O'Leary AKA Mr. Wonderful lived up to his reputation.  

The Big Stage

What's it like facing sharks Mark Cuban, Robert Herjavec, Lori Greiner, Kevin O'Leary, and Daniel Lubetzky? "Surreal is an understatement,' she explains. She continues, "I feel I blacked out, I don't know what I'm saying, and I go on autopilot. She says she felt like she looked like "doe-eyed, and her mouth was wide open catching flies." The doors swing open, and you see the sharks; your brain is shocked and asks yourself, am I really here?"   

After the Pitch

Jamie says that you leave, and you're sworn to secrecy. If you make the show eventually, ABC will call you with a release date. She revealed that the only reason she's sharing her story before it airs is that she appeared in a commercial for this season of Shark Tank. "My friends asked me if that was me, and after I looked for it, I found myself on Instagram." 

Advice from the Tank

What's the best advice if you want to be an entrepreneur? Jamie says, "it's easier said than done."  She continues,  "you can't get anything until you put that first step forward, you have to make the first step, and the first step isn't always sexy." 

You can see Super Joe Pardo break down their segment below.

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