The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance (ISAA) is calling for an open hearing on House Bill 422. This bill is the closest version of Permitless Carry that has been proposed, but it still needs adjustment. Come show your support on February 20th at the Idaho State Capitol.

In general, the ISAA favors the spirit of HB422. However, the bill would increase the age limit from 18 to 21 years old. The ISAA opposes any increase in restrictions on law abiding citizens above what is currently in place. There are other restrictions we also believe should be removed but a first step in this process is just getting Permitless Carry passed.

The ISAA is organizing Idaho gun owners to show their support for Permitless Carry with a rally at the Idaho capital on February 20, 1016. The rally starts at 3:30 at the Center on the Grove where we will march to the capitol. Capitol speakers include the GOA’s Larry Pratt, ISAA’s Greg Pruett, Idaho Freedom Foundation’s Wayne Hofmann, and former State Senator Russ Fulcher. All Idaho gun owners and their families are urged to attend to show their support.

House Bill 422 currently sits in the House Ways and Means Committee. The chairman for the House Ways and Means Committee, Rep. Christy Perry (R-11), recently went on camera with ISAA President Greg Pruett to voice her support for Permitless Carry. Since we are weeks into the session, the ISAA is requesting that Chairman Perry give House Bill 422 a full public in her committee immediately. Time is running out on Idaho citizens getting a hearing on Permitless Carry that they rightfully deserve.