Do gun laws or gun-free zones prevent mass shootings? Whether it's a coffee shop or the courtroom, that question resonates throughout the gem state. Now a group of Boise Students wants minors to be required to have a license to purchase a firearm, reports the Idaho Statesman.  

The students are creating a bill that they hope will be supported by Republicans and Democrats in the statehouse. The group wants to prevent gun tragedies that we've seen recently, such as the killings at the Boise Town Square Mall. Despite the best intentions at every level, the United States has thousands of gun laws on the books, and the country still has thousands of gun deaths a year.  

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Current Idaho law says anyone under eighteen can't purchase or own a weapon without written permission from their parents, from the Idaho Statesman per Idaho Law.  

Is there a need for another gun law in the Gem State? Will a licensing requirement for minors make a difference and avoid school shootings, suicides, or injuries due to firearms? Could we see someone in the legislature sponsor such legislation? Despite the good intentions of the Boise students, gun violence in America will continue. Idaho has strengthened its gun freedoms in recent years.

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Realistically a new gun restriction law would be a tough sell in any year. However, in the upcoming election year, redistricting, the vaccination mandate, the property tax, and the grocery tax have a greater priority. Most Idahoans believe Americans need more access to their firearms rather than laws disarming them.

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