Following the lead of the country and the State, Ada and Canyon counties along with several cities have made disaster declarations today. Agencies at every level continue to monitor their areas due to the spread of Coronavirus around the world.  Recently, the state of Idaho announced the first case of COVID-19 in the Gem State.  Over the weekend, a few other confirmed cases were made public.

The public health issue has united first responders, health districts, health and safety agencies, and emergency management coordinating their efforts.  The goal is to prevent the spread of COVID-19 to our communities.

The emergency declaration is a proactive measure to ensure communication flows to all local communities involving the need for possible additional resources if necessary.  Each agency will approve its own individual emergency declaration.

"Our communities are stronger when we face challenges together," said Ada County Chairperson, Kendra Kenyon in a press release from Ada County.  "While we work together as public officials to manage this health emergency, we need everyone to take the necessary steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19."

Kenyon advises folks to do the following:

  • wash your hands well
  • stay home and away from other people if you are sick
  • avoid close contact with anyone who has a fever or respiratory symptoms
  • frequently clean and disinfect surfaces you touch
  • sneeze with a tissue or your elbow
  • avoid touching your face.

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