Boise Mayor Lauren McLean won a hard-fought victory over former Boise Police Chief Mike Masterson. Mrs. McLean used her political connections and numerous allies to win easily 55% to 43%. Mr. Masterson will now return to helping veterans and enjoying his retirement.

Mr. Masterson's broad coalition failed to rally Boise residents against a mayor who bungled the management of the city's police department, attracting several lawsuits—the endorsements of former Democratic Boise Mayor Dave Bieter and former Republican Lieutenant Governor David Leroy.

From an outside perspective, the Masterson Campaign relied on door-to-door campaigning and television ads. Although he ran as a nonpartisan against the Democrats, he failed to rally folks who did not want to see Boise transition to Portland.

Mrs. McLean will now have a city council that will back up her agenda no matter how many missteps she'll continue to make.

Boise City Council winners were Colin Nash, Kathy Corless, Jordan Morales, and Meridith Steed.

Meridian Votes

Meridian Mayor Robert Simison easily won reelection against the hard-charging conservative Michael Hon. Mr. Simison used his monetary advantage to fuel his 69% to 30% victory.

Meridian City Council winners were Elizabeth Stradler, Doug Taylor, and Anne Little Roberts.

Eagle Tossup

Eagle Mayor Jason Pierce received the most votes, although he will face a runoff against Eagle City Councilman Brad Pike. The Eagle race has been a contentious one and now will be decided between the two top candidates in a runoff.

The Night's Biggest Winner

Star Mayor Trevor Chadwick won reelection over Michele Miles 87% to 15%.

Kuna Results

Kuna Mayor Joe Stear easily won reelection with 57% of the vote.

Ada County Jail Bond Fails by 1%

The bond failed to get the two thirds majority necessary for the win as supporters voted 65% to 35%.

You can see complete election results here.

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