The election season has officially come to an end. Despite facing several challengers in the Republican Primary and general election, Governor Brad Little easily coasted to victory Tuesday night, garnering over sixty percent of the vote.

Surprisingly the runner-up wasn't Independent Candidate Ammon Bundy but unknown Democrat Stephen Heidt. The Democrat harvested twenty-one percent of the vote, while Mr. Bundy received sixteen percent of the general election vote. Mr. Heidt's campaign is fascinating to many political insiders. To our knowledge, he didn't campaign, spend money, or make any appearances.

It was the expected good news for Idaho's dominant Republican Party as the GOP won all constitutional and congressional offices. Conservatives will be delighted that former congressman and state GOP Chairman Raul Labrador will be the state's next attorney general.




Idaho Election Results


A quick look at Governor Little's Idaho

Brad Little's four years as governor.

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