As we’ve already discovered, Idahoans are uncommonly familiar with having creepy, supernatural experiences.

For years there have been numerous accounts from locals of unexplainable sightings and experiences occurring throughout the state.

Even in just downtown Boise, there are many buildings that are said to be haunted. 


So we suppose it should come as no surprise that Idaho has landed itself uncomfortably high on a rather spooky list.

Great Lake Stakes recently published a report that analyzed the many UFO and ghost sightings that have been reported across the United States, and then compared these numbers to the population data in each state. 

With this information, they were able to determine which places were most likely to experience a supernatural sighting. 

Idaho was ranked as number 10, as one of the states with the highest of chances.

According to this study, Idaho has reported: 

  • 1,248 UFO sightings
  • 524 Ghost sightings
  • 1,772 Sightings of the supernatural

Which gives Idahoans the odds of +107,000 of seeing the supernatural, based on our population.


In fact, many of the states that surround Idaho are also in this top 10 list, including Oregon, Washington, Montana and Wyoming. 

Coincidence? Possibly. 

However, if you’re still unsure, continue reading to discover what other Idahoans have claimed to see… 

And find out for yourself if you believe this is merely a funny bedtime story, or if we should be watching our skies more closely. 

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