A new bill proposed in the current Idaho Legislature would give local police departments expanded powers to arrest suspects without the need of obtaining a warrant.  The reason, just like in the case of the controversial Patriot Act, is the need for further security over due process.The bill was introduced by Republican Representative Bill Goesling of Moscow reports the Idaho Press.  The stated need for the bill involves the preventing school shootings in the Gem State.  If a person threatens a school online or not on school grounds, police cannot arrest that person.  The new bill, if passed, would allow police to arrest someone without the need for a warrant if they threaten harm to a school online.  Proponents of the bill say the new law is need to prevent school violence.

Idaho Police do have the right to arrest citizens without the need for a warrant in certain cases, reports the Idaho Press.  The concern in this case is that what constitutes a threat of violence?  The arrested person would be apprehended and their case would be heard quickly as opposed to not having the suspect in custody.  Threats would be determined by use of guns and other types of weapons.

Moscow law enforcement officials support the idea as do several folks in higher education.  We'll keep you informed on the progress of this bill throughout the legislative session.

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