People in Idaho are in pretty good shape generally with low obesity rates and high activity levels, but our pets aren't following that trend.

It looks like we really need to take the dog for a walk more often.  

A new survey says lots of Idaho pets are carrying around too many extra pounds. Idaho is in the Top 5 in the country for having the fattest dogs and cats, according to a new survey by Banfield Pet Hospitals.  Veterinarians kept stats on pet weights as they came in for regular visits in 2016, and those doctors found that at least 40 percent of dogs and cats were considered obese in the states with the biggest pet fitness problems.








This is the weird thing.  In states with the highest obesity rates for people - Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi - problems don't translate to animals. Pets there don't suffer as much from the obesity issues that people do.  But for some reason, in a generally active state like Idaho, our pets tend to be overweight more so than in other states.

When the pups get frisky and ask to go for a walk on the Greenbelt with us, we should totally take 'em!  Leaving them at home to sleep after they've just eaten a big pile of food leads to doggie obesity, and that can lead to health problems and big vet bills down the road.  It can even shorten their life span.

The ideal dog's body shows a well-defined rib cage.  And in cats, the ribs should be visible and the tummy should be smaller than the chest.  If a pet weight loss plan is in order, the experts say we should limit the treats, put dry food out only when it's time to eat, avoid feeding table scraps, and help the pet get plenty of exercise.

If they lived in the wild they'd be running around hunting for food all day, so they should totally understand that they've got it made.  And a little focus on health won't hurt 'em.

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