When people worldwide think of Idaho, one item comes to mind, potatoes. From Simplot to Micron, everyone knows Idaho is the potato capital of the world. Idaho has been the nation's leader in potato production for years, but just like last year, Idaho's perch as the potato king could be in jeopardy. (We covered the story here about the growth of Maine potatoes at the expense of our homegrown product.)  

Multiple reports say Idaho will not have a banner year of potato production due to another parched summer. Summer heat means less potato production for Idaho farmers.  KMVT reports the beginning of another less than stellar year for potato production.

"The shortage of potatoes is a result of last year's lackluster harvest. Despite potato acreage in Idaho jumping to 315,000 acres in 2021, from 300,000 in 2020, unusually hot weather at the wrong time of year dropped yields and crop quality."

Fewer potatoes on the market will mean that the price of two of America's most beloved snacks, french fries, and potato chips, will increase.  The nation is already suffering from a historic forty year high rate of inflation.  On a more humorous front, the Idaho Potato Commission is bringing back the beloved lost potato tour.  Check out a preview below.

Big Idaho Potato Truck in Action

A behind-the-scenes look at the Big Idaho Potato Truck!

Inflation has caused farmers to ask Simplot Corporation for more money for their products, reports ABC Rural. The cost of diesel fuel, fertilizer, and other farming goods has risen due to factors like the Russia Ukraine War and the possible upcoming war between China and Taiwan. 

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