Idaho is known as the spud king of the country. The Gem State has continually led the nation in potato production. When folks this of Idaho, the first thing that comes to mind is potatoes. We love potatoes and produce more potatoes than any other state.

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However, our state is now being invaded by east coast potatoes due to the recent drought in the Western United States. The Wall Street Journal reports that Maine Potatoes are shipped directly to Idaho. Maine's weather has helped a state that most of us relate to lobsters producing up to thirty percent more than their usual crop. On the other hand, the Journal says Idaho and Washington's production is down nine percent.  

How Much Money Is There in Potatoes?

The potato-producing game amounts to about four billion dollars a year. According to the World Atlas, Idaho, Washington, Wisconsin, Oregon, North Dakota, Colorado, Minnesota, Michigan, California, and Maine are the top ten potato-producing states. Last year's drought negatively impacted the look of Idaho's most famous product.  

From the Wall Street Journal:

"The hot soil there crimped yield and turned out some weird-looking spuds. “Kind of gnarly and ugly-looking,” said Paul Ellsworth, an Idaho potato broker. Meanwhile, some 2,900 miles away, Maine flourished with so many potatoes that growers stored surplus spuds in airport hangars."

The story of Maine's potato growth is a big story on the east coast.

Could Idaho and the rest of the Western States see more potatoes from Maine due to expected drought conditions this summer? It's too soon to predict whether or not Idahoans will have to get used to some Maine potatoes invading the potato state.


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