When asked if you think Idaho is safe, how do you answer? WalletHub ranked the safest states in America, let's find out more about Idaho.

In this day there is a lot of concern about safety, as there should be. I think Idaho is a state that has citizens that feel safe.  WalletHub's '2019’s Safest States in America' allows a look at that for the state of Idaho. Overall Idaho ranked at #19, which is not bad. Let's take a look at where did we rank the highest and where are the areas we need work.

We were rated in the top 10 in America in 'Road Safety Rank'. Which after seeing so many wrecks and spending a lot of time in delays I have a hard time believing that but I guess looking at from a whole state perspective that could be true. We got the number one spot tied with multiple other states for lowest unemployment rate which has a factor in the safety of the state.

Ok are you ready for the worst and sadly one of the worst in the nation was 'Workplace Safety', we ranked at 46.... bottom of the pack. Meaning many Idahoans are unsafe at work for various of reasons.  The other sad factor that may play into the 'workplace' is we have one of the highest bullying-incident rate, again ranking at 46. That makes me so sad, and how can we change this? People should not be bullied and should feel safe at work.

Source: WalletHub

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