Businesses everywhere have been struggling due to the pandemic, but the restaurant industry has been impacted far worse than almost any other.

To put it simply, restaurants are extremely short-staffed and their employees are overworked. There’s a reason that nearly every single restaurant is desperately searching for more employees.


This has always been a difficult industry to work in, due to the mental, emotional and physical demands of the job, but coupled with the complexities of COVID, it has become nearly too much for many to handle. 

Because of this, we reached out to our friends in the service industry to check up on them, and to see how they are holding up during these tough times. 


Furthermore, we asked them, “What do servers wish their guests knew?”

Well, get your mops ready to clean up this mess, because these servers spilled some massive TEA.


Here is a list of 40 things that your servers wish you knew:

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