As if the state didn't have enough drama involving the legislative session and schools, a group of Satanists announced they would be holding a gender. This event is not the first time that Idaho's statehouse has been used for 'Satanic' rituals and events. We were the first to report on their parade during the National Day of Prayer. You can see the photos below.

Idaho Satanists March on Statehouse

The Statanists have been a political and social force in the last few years. They send out releases and show up in full garb, usually promoting progressive issues. The Idaho Tribune was the first to report this story. The ringleader or one of the leaders is their spokesperson Rowan, whom we've spoken to several times regarding their agenda. 


  The Satanists have invited the LGBT community and say that you don't have to believe in the devil to participate in their ceremony. The Satanists have been supportive of the LGBT agenda in Idaho for years. The Idaho Legislature is once again considering a bill that would ban transitional surgeries and drugs for Idaho minors who want to change their sex.  




The scheduled event at the Capitol appears to be a reaction to the push by Idaho Republicans to end transgender surgeries in Idaho. We'll update you on this story as it develops.

Idaho Christians and Satanists Showdown at Statehouse

Christians and Satanists Showdown at the Capitol

The 7 Tenets of the Satanic Temple of Idaho

Here's a look at the core beliefs of The Satanic Temple of Idaho according to their site.



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