Senator Jim Risch has dedicated his life to serving the people of Idaho. The senator works behind the scenes, getting things done, whether traveling around the world, meeting with military or intelligence officials, or protecting Idaho farmers.

On Thursday, Senator Risch grilled Biden's Bureau of Land Management Director Tracy Stone-Manning. He expressed his anger over Biden's BLM's decision to continue with the highly controversial Lava Ridge Project.

The project will transform a significant part of Idaho into a giant wind turbine farm that will generate energy to fuel California. Local, state, and congressional officials have loudly expressed their displeasure with the decision.

The BLM has reduced the footprint but will continue to fund the project. One of many controversial moves is the size of the wind turbines. The Lava Ridge turbines will be some of the largest in the world, dwarfing the Statue of Liberty and the Space Needle.

"We don't want this project in Idaho," Senator Risch told Stone-Manning in a heated hearing. The senator called the BLM's over eight hundred forty-two-page environmental impact report 'nothing but dribble.'

The Lave Ridge Project has captured the attention of several national media outlets covering the Biden power grab. Idahoans are sensitive to anything related to California since the state has seen many folks from the once Golden State move to Idaho.

Does anyone in Idaho support this project? Senator Risch angrily grilled Stone Manning with this question, ' can you find anyone in Idaho that supports this project?"

She dryly replied, 'Senator, I have seen a couple hundred comments in support." Senator Risch continued to tell the BLM official Idahoans do not want or support Lava Ridge.

You can see the entire exchange here.



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