Idaho has been called the reddest of the red states. I remember when former Governor Butch Otter said that statement upon winning reelection for the third time in 2014. 

As other states like Colorado and Oregon have gone blue, the Gem State has been reliably red. Some political experts believe that Idaho is a victim of its Conservative success as national campaigns focus on competitive states like Montana and Utah.  

Unfortunately, Idaho's Republican Party is so dominant that the Trump Administration did not send assets to the area. The former president's reluctance to visit Idaho did not stop the Gem State's Senators from voting against convicting him in this weekend's conclusion to President Trump's impeachment trial.  

Senator Jim Risch issued this statement immediately following the conclusion of the trial: 

 "The purpose of the constitutional authority of impeachment is to remove the president from office. The person, a Democrats, attempted to impeach was no longer in office. The United States Senate has no jurisdiction over a private citizen, and thus, impeachment was and is impossible.

"It's time we stop the political hate and vitriol and move forward wiser and stronger just as America has countless times before."

Senator Mike Crapo issued his thoughts after the vote with this statement: 

 “This week’s trial was unconstitutional. The House’s impeachment proceeding blatantly violated established guarantees of due process. Furthermore, the plain text of the Constitution limits impeachment to current civil officers of the United States, specifically stating that, ‘The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.’ Both by text and by precedent, the Constitution does not allow impeaching private citizens--even those who formerly occupied federal office. Private citizens are subject to accountability for their actions under our legal justice system. We must not dismiss the foundational tenets of our Constitution, particularly in the heat of the deep divisions we face in America. 

“The violent, despicable acts of January 6th have shaken our republic to its core and must not go unpunished. Investigations, arrests and court proceedings are already underway for those responsible, and law enforcement and the National Guard are vigilant in maintaining order on Capitol Hill and elsewhere in our country. 

The upcoming local and national political races will be something to watch for as the former president could be looking to form his own political party.  Idaho has one of the largest 'big tents' in the 'big tent party.  The end of this year's legislature will mark the earliest beginnings of reelection races.

We, along with other Idaho Political Analysts will be watching to see who begins to race money to challenge Idaho's Constitutional Officers.



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