Seattle recently got hit with a TON of snow! In fact, they had their snowiest February in over 70 years! So, you see, Seattle isn't too used to getting that much snowfall, so residents had a tough time shoveling and dealing with it until they got some much-needed help from an Idaho teenager.

According to CNN, 18-year-old David Holston (who is a landscaper and snow plower in Coeur d'Alene), made the trip to Seattle to visit his mom. Before he took off, his friend suggested he take his plow-truck and maybe make a little cash during his stay. Luckily, David listened and drove his truck there. Then set up a Craigslist ad offering his snow plowing services. IT. TOOK. OFF.

According to CNN, he started receiving calls immediately. Someone even offered him $1,000 for a job! During his four day stay, he cleared driveways and parking lots at $500-$700 an hour. Despite the rates, the calls kept coming and he managed to rake in over $35,000!!!!


So, what is this teenager going to do with his cash? Donate it! That's right, according to CNN, David plans to donate 20% to his church - he credits his faith for the successful entrepreneurship. He'll spend the rest on some lawn equipment, and a down payment for his first home.
Well done, David. Well done.

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