If you're looking for something entertaining this weekend that doesn't involve college football, you might want to take a trip to one Idaho town that will honor the most famous film shot in our state. Is Clint Eastwood returning to Meridian to celebrate his film, Bronco Billy?

No, but this weekend will be celebrated in Idaho, honoring the iconic film Napoleon Dynamite. The theater in Rexburg, Idaho, will host "Extended Play Cinema: Napoleon Dynamite," reports East Idaho News. You have time to participate in all things Napoleon, Kip, and Uncle Rico on Saturday at 6:30 p.m. at the Romance Theater at 2 East Main Street.

Have you seen the Idaho filmed movie Napoleon Dynamite?  If not, here's a quick review of the major characters that appeared in the film that was shot in Preston, Idaho.

Check out the Beloved Characters of Idaho's Napoleon Dynamite

Idaho's favorite movie characters

The theater says the movie is a good way for new college students to appreciate their new living area. The film was shot in 2004 and told the story of an awkward high school student who struggles with life's growing pains.

Along the way, he meets his best friend Pedro, who runs for class president. Despite being social outcasts, the duo forms a bond that fans still remember today, reciting the slogan 'vote for Pedro.'
The film has been compared to the the coming of age movie The Breakfast Club. Unlike that film, the stars of Napoleon Dynamite featured movie unknowns. The other character who steals the show is Napoleon's Uncle Rico, who deals with a lost love throughout the film.

You can find out more about this weekend's event here.

Want another look, here's the trailer.

Behind The Scenes of Napoleon Dynamite

If you have ever watched the "Director's Cut" of your favorite show or movie, you know how insightful seeing "the process" is, behind the scenes. Now, a behind the scenes look at Napoleon Dynamite has surfaced and the internet is in love! Check out some highlights and the video itself, below!

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