In the vast landscape of Idaho and Utah, there are a ton of hidden treasures and very popular places to go,  but which cities are the most “underrated," and still totally worth visiting?

According to a recent Road & Track article, it's time to break away from the go-to travel spots and start discovering the underrated cities that deserve to be on your must-visit list this year.

Road & Track says, “While there are always the usual suspects when it comes to planning the destinations of your trip, this year, we’d encourage you to go a bit beyond the beaten path, and perhaps explore some states and towns that you might otherwise fly—or drive—right over.”

What Idaho city made the list?

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

Here’s what Road & Track had to say about Coeur d’Alene:

Photo by Jason Buscema on Unsplash
Photo by Jason Buscema on Unsplash

“Not only is the name of this Idaho city beautiful, so too are the lake vistas. Known best for the plethora of water sports to be enjoyed on the lake from which the city derives its name, this city also has a large resort with the state’s best-rated golf course. There’s also the Canfield Mountain Natural Area to be explored, and a national forest to boot.”

What Utah city made the list?

Photo by Benjamin Rascoe on Unsplash
Photo by Benjamin Rascoe on Unsplash

Park City, Utah

Here’s what Road & Track had to say about Park City:

“During the winter, skiers, and snow lovers flock to Park City for its famous slopes. But it’s not just the winter that should draw visitors to this beautiful city. With a bustling Main Street that has an anti-chain-store rule that results in a wide range of awesome, local, boutique restaurants, stores, and the like, Park City is the place to spend any season.”

Which one would you rather go to?

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