The Fourth of July is over. However, the never-ending excessively loud, obnoxious fireworks season will be with us for at least another week. Idahoans love their fireworks. During the Fourth of July season, many Idahoans become lawbreakers. They break a hypocritical law that should be enforced or eliminated. Welcome to Idaho, where you can buy aerial fireworks but can't fire them.

We're all exposed to the neighborhood fireworks show by folks breaking Idaho law every year. Law enforcement tells us it's impossible to enforce, so we all hope that our homes and property do not catch fire due to the irresponsible actions of several. Some folks, perhaps the majority, love the fireworks and spend their money to have a good time during the holiday week.

Advocates like myself argue that fireworks should be enjoyed by the official fireworks show sponsored by cities. Safety professionals point out how many people lose limbs or suffer severe burns while shooting off illegal fireworks?

Let's not forget the stress for those who suffer from PTSD and our four legged animals that spend the nights shaking and scared. How many animals are lost because of the big loud banging noises throughout the night?

We've decided to share what you think about the multiple fireworks show in Idaho and throughout the country.

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