Kids are amazing and some are able to show off some incredible skills. At sure a young age this little snowboarder is better than most adults. This Boise born 5 year old cutie has stolen the hearts of many on TikTok since she was just a year old with her impressive snowboarding skills all while singing going down the slopes. The video now has nearly 3 million views.

@rowleyadventures I didn’t get to hear the full song until I reviewed the footage and I almost spit my drink all over when she did the “nine ten” part. She always finds a way to brighten the day! #singing #kids #daddysgirl #daddylittleprincess❤️❤️ #snowboardingtoddler #parentingdoneright #cute ♬ Uh The Number Song - Rowley Adventures

"KTVB first introduced Idahoans to Cash Rowley when she became an internet hit at 1 years old. Fast forward to 2022 and 5-year-old Cash is at it again, shredding and singing on mountain trails. Cash's parents, Nick and Whitney said they wanted to share their passion for snowboarding with their daughter."  

@rowleyadventures ♬ original sound - Rowley Adventures

I wonder what summer sports the sweet family is into, whatever it is, we are confident that cute Cash is probably incredible at that too.

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