There's no better way to embrace the cozy atmosphere of fall than by enjoying a hearty serving of delicious lasagna with friends and family. In the midst of a brisk and rainy day, lasagna offers the ideal comfort. But what's the best place for lasagna in the Boise area?

If you're on the hunt for the best lasagna in Idaho, you're in the right place, as we're featuring one of the best in America — and it's in Boise!

The Wylder in Boise

The Wylder
The Wylder

For consecutive years, The Wylder has earned the earned it's title of serving the finest lasagna in Idaho, according to a recent report by Lovefood. This craft pizza and cocktail bar has garnered a reputation for its exceptional take on this classic Italian dish.

The lasagna at The Wylder is crafted according to a family recipe, which incorporates a marinara sauce, torn basil leaves, and perfectly grated cheese. Plus, you can also buy it frozen and make it at home!

But there's one more contender in Idaho's lasagna scene that's worth noting. We recently wrote about Cucina Di Paolo, known for their delicious, homestyle meals available for take-out, including their lasagna which can also be purchased frozen and then made at home.

Whether you choose to dine in at The Wylder or opt for the take-and-bake options at Cucina Di Paolo, you'll find the ideal remedy for your fall cravings. Keep scrolling for more delicious Italian food restaurants, famous restaurants, and most-popular restaurants in the Boise area.

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